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Lerian does not make jewelry with Majorca pearls, but we want to inform you.

Majorca Pearls are synthetic pearls produced on the island of Mallorca.

Majorca is a brand of the highest quality artificial pearls in the world.

They are made of white, black, pink, gold, and combined with Swarovski rhinestones. Local residents have specialized in this craft since the 19th century, and reached perfection, and Majorca pearls (Majorca Pearls) became an internationally renowned brand.

They are high quality imitations, and they are worth their money.

Majorca pearls are made of glass or porcelain bases covered with a special paste. The bases chosed of a certain shape and weight, identical to the natural pearls. The base dipped into a special paste consisting of oil, fish scales, and powder of real pearls. Covered with this paste, the basics are dried, polished, and perfected. But there is something else. Each pearl is expose to different substances that help strengthen it. After the last immersion, a protective coating applies to the pearl and it is treated with ultraviolet light.

Of course, the history of Majorca pearls is not as old as the history of many natural minerals. But it is interesting in its own way, though not very mysterious. The company producing such pearls appeared in Mallorca in the town of Manacor in 1890. The producing company of artificial pearls called Majorika was founded by Edward Hugo Hosch, an immigrant from Germany. Actually, the place of origin of pearls gave the company its name.

Nowadays the production of Majorca cultured pearls has spread all over the world; however, not all cultured pearls are Majorca. Majorca is a brand, and the average cost of a necklace can range from $100 to $700.


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