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     Oriental style icon, 2nd of 3 wives of the Emir of Qatar, politician and mother of 7 children!!! Even if you don't know anything about the rulers of Eastern countries, you've probably heard of Sheikha Moza at least once. This amazing woman recently turned 60 years old and we would like to tell you about this oriental beauty! Moza met her prince-to-be at the age of 18 but was in no hurry to get married and get bogged down in domestic worries. The determined girl first went to the local university to study psychology, and then she left for an apprenticeship in America. Then, already educated and ready for family life, the girl got married. Mosa spent her first years as a married woman with her children. She spent a lot of time and energy on them. Then her life became brighter and more fulfilling with regard to her career and social activities.

In 1995, Moza's husband organized a bloodless coup d'état and seized power, overthrowing his own father in the process. This coup was supported by the Anglo-Saxon world and Qatar became the talk of the world because of its rich oil and gas potential. Soon after this event, the new emir of the country introduced to the public his 2nd wife, a stylish and educated beauty Sheikha Moza gained the trust of her husband and was allowed to participate in government affairs. The husband also allowed the beautiful wife to appear in public without a veil, which is unacceptable in the Muslim world.

Sheikha is a public activist and is a UNESCO special ambassador for basic and higher education. The woman is well-educated and has interned at renowned institutions of higher education in the United States.

Moza devotes a lot of time and energy to the rights of women and children in Qatar. Thanks to the wife of the Emir, women in the country have been granted many more rights than in neighboring Eastern states. She is also one of the top 100 most influential women in the world according to the famous Forbes magazine and seems to have no plans to slow down.

For the Arab world, Moza's style is sheer audacity. She wears dresses, skirts and pants.

 Of Qatar's national clothing, the woman prefers only a turban. It is often dazzle with bright colors and unusual decorative elements. Among her clothing brands are Chanel, Dior, Valentino, and even Ulyana Sergeyenko!

Jewelry is a particularly interesting topic for us. Sheikha is a fan of pearls and stones, and Moza's jewelry is always noticeable. Just look at a selection of her images!

 For formal receptions, Mosa most often chooses pearls. We can only guess how much her jewelry collection is worth. She especially loves Cartier jewelry and does not spare any money for it.

Sheikha could easily give a master class on how to look sexy, trendy and fashionable without breaking the rules of decency. She has a great figure and a beautifully groomed face.

She knows how to emphasize the advantages, preferring fitted outfits and a minimum of makeup. Mosa boldly goes out in high heels, always holds her posture royally, and looks stunning in any situation! A woman worthy of respect and imitation.