October 2, 2019
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  This is a serious topic - defect! Yes, we have defects! In any production there are defects, it's inevitable!
  The question is how the manufacturer treats it: hush up, does not notice and does not solve your problem in any way, or honestly confesses and goes to meet his customers.

In our case, a defect can manifest itself in the form of:

  • a micro-crack in the stone, which in the course of wear, turns into a chip;
  • strings or cords that we use in bracelets or lariats may also break or get pulled out when being worn;
  • pearls can peel off;

We have tried many adhesives and gels and are still tracking new products, but we cannot rule out accidents.

  • chipping on the pearls during the drilling process;

We can match the pearls with the customer, but when drilling, some of the nacre can chip off and we try to solve this problem without imposing additional cost on the customer.

  • we receive defective fittings from our suppliers.

Our locks are Italian silver; for a batch of 100 pieces we will at once sort out 5-6 locks with apparent defects, and 2-3 pieces with latent defects appears in the ready articles while they are being wearing. 

It is impossible to exclude this defect.

Defects for us are a trial, our personal costs and expenses for delivery, repair and material, but we do not burden the customer with additional charges for service. Marriage for us is a new development. We search the best consumable materials, best fittings, which are very expensive, but jewelry is living with you, your life, and the key chain on the earring can come undone, because silver is a soft metal, and the chain can break! It's just our life!

But after your purchase, we don't leave you behind and always provide our accompaniment. You shouldn’t find a master jeweler to fix the piece. If the earring is lost, we provide a new set at half price. If the earring is not lost but the pearl peeled off and lost- we will choose a new one and fully restore the earring at our expense including the pearl. If a lariat torned, a string - we will restore it! Whatever happens-individual approach and options for solving the problem. ⠀ 

This is our respect for the customer and appreciation for the choice.

But we ask you not to forget about the culture of wearing jewelry. 75% of defects, or rather failures is the careless handling of the product. Remember pearls are officially a precious gemstone and so should be treated with care. Try to keep them in our velvet pouches or boxes. Keep them away from perfumes and creams!
With love, Lerian.