December 22, 2020


  We are very proud of our idea with "Heart of Mom" necklace. Each time creating it, we try to give it our best. Because we understand, what an incredible memory is for every mom. How you will give it to your children and how you will feel about it. What a value it is to your future grandchildren and granddaughters. When it comes to generations - there is no such thing as detail. Jewelry that will passed down from generation to generation and become a family heirloom - "Mom's Heart". Its essence and idea - each child in the family is dedicated one strand in the jewelry, it complements the necklace of mom with a heart.

 When the time comes, it may be a wedding day or the day of coming of age, a thread from the Ornament transferred to the child as a symbol of absolute maternal love. And mom keeps her necklace with a heart and engraved names of children on it. This decoration makes on request in Gold or Silver with any number of threads and kind of pearls. You can hang letters with the children's names on the strands. This is the best gift for any mom and the perfect start to a very touching family tradition. We highly recommend making it in Gold, because the lock mechanism in Gold is much more durable than the silver lock. We made it quite massive - so that even after 100 years, after a million cycles of opening / closing - there were no complaints in operation.

 The volume of the heart on the mother necklace is also not accidental - it was important to hide the fasteners and eliminate the possibility of twisting. Keeping the back surface smooth - for engraving the most important names in your life. ⠀ All the strings connected to each other. As long as all the strings are with you – you will have many ways to wear your jewelry. If you want to use metal, our unequivocal recommendation is gold, with pearls and stones in your heart, it's only your fantasy and budget. We will offer the best option. You decide the quantity, color and quality of threads, adding letters on the "baby" threads, color and type of stones in the heart.

⠀With love and respect for your family history, Lerian team.

Here is a sea pearl necklace in white Gold with diamonds in the picture.

To calculate your option - contact the designers by phone:

 +7(916)809-41-34 Anna,

 +7(915)006-19-31 Maria


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