November 20, 2020

 Have you ever seen the movie "Ocean's 8"? I wonder if the Toussaint necklace actually exists, right?

 Turns out a very similar piece of jewelry was created by Jacques Cartier in 1931 for a man!!!

 Can you imagine)!!! For the Indian maharaja of the principality of Nawanagar.

The centerpiece of the jewelry was the "Queen of Holland", a blue and white diamond weighing 136.25 carats. According to Jacques Cartier: "It was the finest cascade of colored diamonds in the world. The perfect embodiment of a connoisseur's dream." You and I would certainly appreciate it).

⠀Cartier made a new version based on archival photographs and sketches. True, the copy is about 20 percent smaller than the original, so Anne Hathaway could hold the siege)

   The "Toussaint" necklace, named after Cartier's creative director in the 1930s, Jeanne Toussaint, was created just like the actual jewelry. "Normally it takes at least eight months to make a special order of this importance. We made it in eight weeks," bragged Pierre Reinereau, the style and heritage director of Cartier). If the jewelry brand had created a necklace out of real stones, it would have cost more than $100 million. By comparison, the film's budget was only $70 million. Instead of diamonds, the fictional jewelry is made of zirconium oxides, but set in white gold! We couldn't find a price for this necklace until it showed up on e-bay).

   By the way, a lot of real Cartier jewelry shows up throughout the film. This is the highest advertising skill!
  The fate of the real necklace seems to be unknown... the diamonds are gone... eh!


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