November 20, 2020

Recently reviewed the movie "Anna Karenina" with Keira Knightley as Anna. You can argue about the plot, but hardly about Anna's jewelry). Just take a look!

   Below is the photo of the most valuable piece of jewelry, the Camelia Poudre necklace - 18 karat white gold with diamonds, worth 1 million euros.

   This asymmetrical necklace with Chanel signature camellias is made of white gold and decorated with two large diamonds totaling 6.8 carats and 693 smaller stones totaling 89 carats.

   The candidates narrowed down when choosing jewelry for the picture, as luxury had to be read in the frame without unnecessary words. Fortunately, for the director of the film, Keira Knightley has a contract and years of friendship with Chanel. Chanel allowed her to choose any jewelry.

   Keira said in an interview, "All the jewelry I wore on the set, the most real, that is, it was a huge amount of diamonds and pearls and a few rubies. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to keep any of that beauty, everything went back to Chanel, but it was still so beautiful to wear them in the morning before the shoot. And you know the best part is, you get used to it very quickly. You put on a two million pound necklace and pretty soon you're playing with it with your fingers like it's the most ordinary chain..."
⠀Chanel provided a total of 10 pieces of jewelry for the film - two necklaces, bracelets, a brooch, an engagement ring and several sets of earrings, all in 18-karat white gold with diamonds and pearls.

  The Fleur de perle pearl earrings and gorgeous Mademoiselle necklace Anne wears as a pair to complement her burgundy gown at Princess Betsy's party. The earrings are 18-karat yellow gold with 6 round 3-carat diamonds and two South Seas pearls. The necklace is 18-karat white gold and 658 Akova pearls.

The exquisite Cascade earrings are made of 18-karat white gold with two pear-cut diamonds of 0.7 carats each and 38 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 4 carats.

Keira wore the Camelia brooch, set with black and white diamonds for 300,000 euros, to a home dress as she played Anna while she was pregnant.


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